What we do

Public and Media relations

Public and Media relations

We provide a comprehensive range of Public and Media Relations functions, adhering to a standard fully-fledged in-house press service. You can take advantage of our bespoke options, or use the entire range of our services, depending on the size and complexity of your goals and tasks.

Channel Audits – assessing media (business, trade, online) that will be most effective in achieving your goals.

Stakeholder Management – clear identification of your audiences, their motivations and needs.

Messaging – defining your tone of voice and creating strong messages that will resonate with your stakeholders globally and locally.

Copywriting and editorial – by-lined articles, newsletters, press releases, news pitches and comments, reports, reviews, websites, white papers, interviews etc.

Speechwriting – making your speech clear, relevant and unique to your audience.

Monitoring – closely analysing news agencies for relevant breaking news, paper/broadcast/online media. Preparing daily digests on behalf of companies, organizations, or individuals.

Event Management – full organization and management of press conferences, briefings, round-tables, presentations, press- and study-tours, forums, etc.

Media Relations – liaising with targeted journalists and media-communities, establishing media-pools and building your profile, generating coverage where it matters most.

Crisis management – revealing risks and weaknesses, crisis-strategy developing, preparing action plan for crisis communications (or crisis prevention), 24/7 media handling.

Marketing and Strategic Communications

Marketing and Strategic Communications

Appreciating each client’s aims and goals to have high individual value, we take our time to understand what makes you successful and how we can help demonstrate it in the modern market. Our team of economists, strategy consultants and business/media communications professionals help you to link your goals and resources with the Russian landscape of business, politics and media in the most valuable way.

Marketing Strategy – researching queried areas and subject matters in the Russian market. Think-tank development for business and public promotion.

Communication strategy – developing communication strategies (for internal and external communications) that fit into an overall marketing plan. Defining your business ideas for clear messaging (mission, vision, values, etc.).

Stakeholder Management – clear identification of your audience, their expectations and needs.

Media Strategies and Plans– creating and implementing strategies and plans for media-communications that consider both the overall Russian media market and your specific field of business. Increasing the quantity and improving the quality of your media presence.

Campaigns and Events – full organization and management of the social campaigns, media/business/industrial event and exhibitions, etc. across Russia and the UK.

Digital Communications– developing, managing and promoting websites and digital communications.

Sponsorship/Fundrising – attracting resources and sponsors for not-for-profit, commercial, cultural, and publishing projects and initiatives.

Sustainability Communications

 Sustainability Communications

The sustainability agenda is now transforming the plans and actions of corporations, organizations and individuals. Those businesses that have no attained sustainability in a matter of decades may not be businesses at all. For many Russian businesses, greener practices are becoming a priority, and we can help you drive growth, efficiency and profit through sustainability.

By working with Europe and Russia’s eminent sustainable strategy and policy think-tanks, media bodies and entrepreneurs, we can help engage your employees, and communicate your actions to shareholders, customers, and the public in transparent, measurable, authentic and targeted ways.

Design — helping you to reduce environmental impact by finding reliable sustainable service contractors (materials, energy-efficiency, logistics, print, production, etc.) in the UK and in Russia. The positive result of such projects will build long-term relationships between the user and your product or service.

Reporting – communicating your social and environmental performance to your stakeholders (environmental reports, newsletters, news pieces, articles, etc). Combining financial and non-financial information within a single report, demonstrating the impact of sustainability within corporate strategy and culture.

CSR actions and community campaigns – organising and managing campaigns and events (external and internal) that engage employees and communities in the united aim of resolving significant social and environmental issues.