Why it’s worth outsourcing your writing to a professional

Writing is a necessity for any modern business – with such an abundance of our communication coming through email, website content and social media. Because writing has become so common, everyone is at it – and there’s a temptation to do it all yourself. However, writing for business, and editing texts, is a learned skill that shouldn’t be downplayed — hiring a professional writer can have a huge impact on your business – particularly if you can find specialist writers to cover areas such as PR. So how can outsourcing to a pro strengthen your business?

Working with proven techniques

Your audience doesn’t always see your business the same way that you do – so knowing your product, and your business, is not enough to know what message will carry the most appeal. A professional writer makes that kind of knowledge their job – using techniques like split testing email campaigns to demonstrate which text produces the best results, a copywriter takes the guesswork out of the written word. They lose sleep over things like which synonym consistently produces the best response – and go further to consider how words interact with design, and which combinations are best received by the reader, regardless of the writer’s personal preference. That kind of deep knowledge doesn’t come from everyday use of a language – it comes from study and passion that’s worth paying for.

Making sense of your message

Being close to your product or service can work against you – when everything matters to you, how do you know what’s most important for an outsider to know? Working with a professional writer can be like working with a translation service – it’s not just about saying something clearly, it’s about making it relatable and relevant for your audience, and focusing on only the information that is most important. Imagine a business executive trying to promote a wild new TV show – without figuring out the best style and tone, your writing could be working the same way. And involving a writer from the planning stage is important here – it’s so much easier to create the right focus from scratch than recover it from a misjudged start.


Effective language requires study – even your native language. If you’re used to communicating in another language, it’s possible to lose some of the nuance of your native tongue – and conversely, knowing and using a language for many years does not guarantee a natural fluency. Being able to communicate and understanding exactly how to write accurately are far apart – after all, if everyone was an expert in the language they used, there’d be no need for linguists, let alone professional writers or editors.

A professional writer doesn’t just avoid mistakes, they delight in an ability to tell you why mistakes matter, with the same level of intrigue for what generates the best responses. A good writer revels in picking apart areas of grammar and nuanced vocabulary that amateur writers may never be exposed to (blood may have been shed over concepts like the Oxford Comma). And you can be sure that if a skilled writer doesn’t help you create your texts, that passion may come back to haunt you when likeminded members of your audience get a hold of your writing.

Generating action

Finally, and most importantly, a professional writer provides a particular sense of focus for your writing. All the fine details aside, the writer is there to do a job – to create the desired result Whatever your personal motives with a piece of writing, a professionals motive is focused on the purpose of your project. All of the above issues feed into this – professional writing generates more interest, more effectively informs and increases awareness and action. Professional copywriters exist to make your writing work for you, leaving less to chance.